Touring the country roads

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I love to get out and explore old churches, mills, bridges, etc.  Sadly, various constraints prohibit me from having the time to  get out as much as I would like to explore.

In a recent class, I was reminded of how much history we can find when we tour the country roads.

There are many interesting abandoned buildings on old country roads

Instead of taking the interstate, we have a much richer view when we take those back country roads no one likes.

This is really delving into the lesser known history of the area.  There are so many interesting buildings that have been abandoned.

This is a great way to get out and explore the area in which we live and to learn more about the history and background of the area.

If we are passing through an area, it is a great way to discover the history of that area.  We just need to remember to be respectful of other people’s property and any trespassing signs.

As genealogists and historians, there is no telling when we may stumble across information that can be of assistance.   Whether it is a family home, a mill similar to what great-grandpa used to run, or a country store that grandpa used to tell stories of visiting, these trips can open the doors to the past and bring it alive for us.

There is a ton of history that has been abandoned and forgotten, but can unlock the keys of time and allow us to take a look through time into the lives of our ancestors.  The buildings show a way of life that no longer exists.

Do you have two hours this weekend to get out and explore the back roads of your surrounding area?

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