Book Review: His Other Life

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After the death of her father, Melanie McCabe was surprised to discover her father had been married to Hazel before he married her mother.  On top of that, she was even more surprised to discover that this unknown first wife, had a connection with Tennessee Williams, the famous playwright.

Melanie set out to discover about her father’s other life, before he met and married her mother.  She sets out to uncover not only her father’s childhood and early days, but also to delve into the lives of Tennessee Williams and Hazel.

She discovered that her father and Hazel were friends with Tennessee Williams.  Williams even named a character after her father in one of his works.

The book, His Other Life,  follows Melanie’s journey to discover the story and life of these three individuals.  The book is easy to read and I felt as if I were listening to Melanie share her story with me in person.  Melanie delved into the life of Tennessee Williams and learned all that she could about his life, to uncover the life of her own Dad.

I was very impressed with the level of research Melanie put into her research and how thorough her research was.  Along the path of discovering more about her father and his other life, it seems at times that Melanie also learned more about herself while on this journey.

If you enjoy biographies, Tennessee Williams, discovering how to research your family or a heart warming story you will enjoy this book.

However, if it will be offensive to you, Melanie shares many quotes from William’s, who often uses rough language.

I would recommend His Other Life.



**I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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