Meeting online family and friends

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Several months ago, I had a family member reach out to me upon discovering we had a DNA match.  We began to share information and sent multiple emails between ourselves.

You never know where you may meet a new family member

Life began to creep in and we went our separate ways.  Then I attended a genealogy workshop for which I had signed up.

While researching in the library, between classes, I overheard a neighboring table discussing some of their family lines and brick walls. We quickly began to compare notes.

As we began to talk, I was surprised to discover that I was distantly related to everyone at that table.  Each half of the table came from two very different family lines.  One of these individuals was the family member that I had been corresponding with.

I was once again reminded that we never know where we may run into extended family and make a connection.  While I had no brick walls that were cracked this time, there is always the possibility that one day we may find just the person or the source that can break through that wall.

Never give up.  You never know when you might make that unexpected connection?

Have you encountered an extended family members in your pursuits?

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